About DMI Lending


Denise is an award-winning loan officer and owner of DMI Lending for over 20 years. Denise Ittenbach runs the business with her hired staff. Born and raised in Yucaipa, California, she has been originating mortgage loans for more than 30 years. Currently, she has offices in Yucaipa and Beverly Hills California.

Industry Veteran
Denise decided to open her own lending company after being charged excessively in closing costs when she bought her first home. Since starting DMI Lending, she's processed well over a thousand clients many whom return and refer their friends and family. Denise provides honesty and integrity in all situations. Denise will work tirelessly for you, until she gets the job done.

It comes as no surprise that a wide range of clients come to Denise to help sort out their financial issues. Apart from getting multiple referrals, Denise, along with her company, has continually received recognition for being the best in customer satisfaction and Lending. Furthermore, her company is praised for having the highest average fundings per AE (account executive) and being number-one when it comes to turnaround.

Why Choose DMI Lending?
Denise's experience and knowledge in the current mortgage buisness makes her a cut above the rest. Denise is all about giving her clients the best possible services, rates, and expertise. Denise charges her clients 0 points and helps assist with paying the clients closing cost. All lenders have the same rates, yet most lenders charge points and won't help assist with the clients closing costs. So by choosing DMI Lending , we will provide you with outstanding service, close your loan in a timely manner, and save you money.

Contact highly qualified mortgage company owner Denise Ittenbach today in Yucaipa, California, to ask about her services.